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Foot and ankle surgery is a specialized area of surgery. The surgery can be quite challenging and every patient is different with unique needs and goals. You will need to follow instructions, perform appropriate exercises and modify your activities during your healing process. This requires patience, persistence and a desire to get better. If you are unable to complete the postoperative instructions it will affect your results and you should consider alternative treatments.

Successful results require a contribution from you.
This information package is intended to provide you with pre-operative, surgical and post-operative instructions in regard to your surgical procedure. It is important that you read all of this information carefully and bring it with you when you come to hospital. If you have any questions or are not certain about the benefits, risks and limitations of your treatment ask me.

What do you take to Hospital?

  1. Your X-rays.
  2. Documentation about your Health Fund.
  3. Pathology Results.
  4. Medication.
  5. Any letters from doctors..
  6. This information pack.
  7. Any questions that you have written down and wish to ask..

Will I need someone to take me home?
You must make arrangements for a responsible adult to take you home after your surgery. This is advisable if you have either had a day procedure or if you are in hospital for a period of time. It is strongly suggested that you have someone stay with you during the first 24 hours or until you are able to get around safely.

What should I wear?
Wear loose fitting clothes that are easy to put on and will fit over bulky bandages or surgical dressings. Leave any jewellery and valuables at home. Please remove make up and nail polish. Shower either the night before or the morning of your surgery. Pay particular care that your feet and nails are clean.